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Monday, June 21, 2010

Start Building a little Muscle to Burn off the FAT

There are many great arm workouts you can do whether you're at the gym or at home. If you're doing this from home you obviously must have some weights, or a workout bench/machine in your home. As long as you have one of those you can easily get a great workout. If you want a good bicep workout all you need is a few dumbbells and something you can rest your arm on. What you want to do is isolate your bicep muscle so it's doing all the work, not your forearm or shoulder. By resting your arm on something, just up to the elbow, will force your bicep to do the work and will relieve pressure off of other arm muscles. For a great forearm workout you again need something to rest your arm on. Let your wrist hang over the edge just a bit and relax the rest of your arm. Gripping the dumbbell in your hand raise your wrist up and down slowly, you will start to feel the burn in your muscles shortly. Turn your arm over and repeat the motions to work the other side of your forearm. To work those pesky triceps, grab your dumbbells and raise your arm up straight over your head. Keep your elbow parallel with your end and bend moving the weights up and down slightly behind your head. If this isn't pulling the right area try moving your arm backward at the shoulder until you feel the triceps engaged. A good way to get your shoulders worked out is to simply hold your weights out as long as you can. Hold your arms straight out to the side and keep them even with your shoulders for as long as you can. Also you can hold your arms straight out in front of you, again even with your shoulders and hold as long as you can. There is certainly more to this for arm workouts, but you need to start somewhere. The problem usually is that most bypass the 'fine print' and go straight to the workout. Just as with all strength training, it is important for you to follow a simple set of tasks during every routine. Such as posture, arm and leg positions, breathing, muscle contraction. When you really think about it, there is certainly much more to proper weight training than simply picking up some dumbbells. By: Maggie Beardsley

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