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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere ....

It might sound to you like a joke but it is the truest thing you have ever heard. You can lose pounds of weight by simply drinking two liters of water daily. You don't have to go on any diet or register in a gym, just drink water before and after meal and make sure that at the end of the day, you have about two liters of water in your body. How does it work? Read the paragraphs below. When you drink water before any meal, the water is bound to take up space in your stomach. You would then proceed to eat and end up eating little food. This is because you would full after some mouthfuls. The good side to this is that your brain tells you that you have eaten enough, so you would hardly get hunger pangs. When your body doesn't get enough calorie intakes, it would have to pull from the reserve to provide you with adequate energy. No digestion process can take place without water. During the process of digestion, solids are broken down and converted to liquids, which are then transported to the blood stream. Water is needed for the process of conversion and you would do yourself a whole world of good by drinking enough water. When your body lacks water for the process of digestion, the food would get acted upon by hormones and acids but cannot be converted to liquid. The food would then get spoiled and remain in your tummy as waste. You need water to regularly cleanse your large intestine. By virtue of what we eat, toxins get into our body and prevent the large intestine from function properly. The large intestine is one of most important organs when it comes to excretion and when it fails to function well, waste products would remain packed in your body developing fats. If you drink enough water, your body would be able to flush out all the toxins and make your excretory system function well. This would greatly help your weight loss dream. You can know see the basic effects a task as simple as drinking water would have on your weight and body as a whole. By: Alamuoye Timothy

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