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Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to Lose Weight Safely

Obesity is the most common problem faced by today's youth owing to its junk food and high stress lifestyle. In spite of hitting the gyms quite regularly, many people still find it difficult to shed those excess kilos. This is because most people still do not understand how the body works, its metabolic system and how fat is accumulated in the first place. These tips on how to lose weight, if followed regularly, can be a real eye-opener when it comes to looking fit and trim. The first and most important thing to do before following any tips on how to lose weight is to calculate your basal metabolic rate or BMI. This simply means the amount of calories that you must take on a daily basis to stay healthy. Any excess gets converted to fat and is stored in the various tissues. You can also use an online calorie calculator to find out how much calories should you be consuming each day. Any tips on how to lose weight will tell you the importance of a healthy diet. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet in the form of salads and juices. These are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, all of which are necessary for a fit life. Cut down on the use of meat especially the red variety which is high in calories. The same goes for junk food, soft drinks, alcohol and sweets; all these can help you pile on calories in an unhealthy manner. Eat five to six small and frequent meals instead of three large ones. And also try to restrict your portions by eating in a small plate. Whenever you feel hungry, snack on raw veggies or nuts instead of deep fried stuff. Cut down on carbohydrates sticking to the brown variety of all foodstuffs like brown rice and bread. Some of the other tips on how to lose weight include reading food labels at supermarkets before you buy any product especially packaged stuff. It is always best to prepare fresh food at home than buy stuff in containers or eat out. Last but not the least, stick to a regular exercise regimen and maintain a positive outlook towards life. These tips on how to lose weight can indeed help you knock those extra pounds and look fit and fine. By:Wadlow Chris

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simple Diet Do's and Don'ts

* Eat a healthy diet that is high in wholegrain cereals, oatmeal is low in fat and high in fibre so will keep you feeling full for longer. Eat a wide variety of coloured fruit and vegetables daily. Eat plenty of oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and help prevent blood clotting. Ensure your diet is rich in protein, lean cuts of meat and fish, eggs, beans, seeds and nuts and potassium (avocados and bananas are great sources). * Decrease sugar and starch intake, potatoes, and white varieties of bread, rice and pasta to combat fat storage. Cut down on fat and sugary foods, and keep alcohol to a minimum to prevent accumulation of fat cells. Eliminate if possible, or at least cut down on caffeine. Reduce calorie intake and meal portion sizes, be conscious of what you eat and eat slowly. * For bone health and strong surrounding tissues, choose foods high in calcium such as dairy products, orange juice fortified with calcium malate, tinned sardines and salmon, broccoli and almonds are also a good source of calcium. The recommended daily dose is 700mg so if you find it hard to eat the equivalent take a calcium supplement, this will also help with losing weight. * Drink at least two litres of water a day. Cut down on fizzy drinks, soda and fruit juices, these all have hidden extra calories and are not good for you. Try drinking green tea instead of normal tea, it's a great antioxidant and helps with weight loss. * Make exercise part of your lifestyle. Exercising is essential if you want to lose weight and stay in shape. Take up an exercise that you enjoy, that way it won't be a chore but a pleasure and you are more likely to stick to something you enjoy doing. Try involving your partner or a friend and make it a social event, something to look forward to. You don't have to go to the gym to exercise, you can go for a brisk walk or go swimming, dancing, gardening, play tennis, cycling, the choice is endless and totally yours! You will find that if you follow these diet dos and don'ts and make them part of your lifestyle you will lose weight and stay in shape without having to follow any strict diet and without depriving yourself from all the things you love. Moderation is the key to losing weight long term and staying in shape. By: Carole Isle

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere ....

It might sound to you like a joke but it is the truest thing you have ever heard. You can lose pounds of weight by simply drinking two liters of water daily. You don't have to go on any diet or register in a gym, just drink water before and after meal and make sure that at the end of the day, you have about two liters of water in your body. How does it work? Read the paragraphs below. When you drink water before any meal, the water is bound to take up space in your stomach. You would then proceed to eat and end up eating little food. This is because you would full after some mouthfuls. The good side to this is that your brain tells you that you have eaten enough, so you would hardly get hunger pangs. When your body doesn't get enough calorie intakes, it would have to pull from the reserve to provide you with adequate energy. No digestion process can take place without water. During the process of digestion, solids are broken down and converted to liquids, which are then transported to the blood stream. Water is needed for the process of conversion and you would do yourself a whole world of good by drinking enough water. When your body lacks water for the process of digestion, the food would get acted upon by hormones and acids but cannot be converted to liquid. The food would then get spoiled and remain in your tummy as waste. You need water to regularly cleanse your large intestine. By virtue of what we eat, toxins get into our body and prevent the large intestine from function properly. The large intestine is one of most important organs when it comes to excretion and when it fails to function well, waste products would remain packed in your body developing fats. If you drink enough water, your body would be able to flush out all the toxins and make your excretory system function well. This would greatly help your weight loss dream. You can know see the basic effects a task as simple as drinking water would have on your weight and body as a whole. By: Alamuoye Timothy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Mental Side of Weight Loss

Often, we look outside of ourselves to try to figure out what we want in life, and losing weight naturally falls into that category. We listen to others opinions of us and allow others to project their thoughts and beliefs onto us. In addition, we try to please others, even at our own expense and detriment. But these factors are a sure path to unhappiness and unfulfillment in life. It's important to take care of yourself first and foremost and do what's important for you in life because only then can you truly be happy, and in turn be there for others in a happy and healthy way. So no matter what you do, you want to make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, and it's very important to take this to heart when you're attempting to lose weight. You'll find it helpful and beneficial to keep the following in mind as you focus on natural weight loss and your life. Don't lose weight for others. Many of us try to lose weight naturally to make others happy; whether it's a nagging parent, or worried spouse, we often try to please others by attempting to lose weight for them. You should be losing weight for you because it's important to YOU, not because it's important for someone else. Don't let others' perceived thoughts of you matter. Our self-esteem often takes a hit because we notice (or think we notice) others staring at us, or possibly putting us down because of how we look. By doing this we are allowing other to project their thoughts and beliefs onto us and at the end of the day, what others think about us shouldn't matter. What matters most is what you think about you! You are beautiful, whether you need to lose 100 pounds or 20, it doesn't matter. You are perfection and love and grace and beauty. Remember this as you focus on your weight loss goals. Trust your instincts and intuition. You are responsible for your happiness and natural weight loss. You know what's best for you, so trust your instinct and intuition, and don't let others tell you how or what to do to approach the best weight loss plan for you. Now, asking for help and allowing others to help is different, and we encourage this. But only if it's what works for you and makes you happy. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and avoid negativity. Remember why you want to lose weight naturally. Often, by listening to others and trying to lose weight for others, we often lose or forget or don't even know the true reasons as to why we want to lose weight in the first place. Again, it's important to lose weight for you, and understand why losing weight is important to you. Only then will you be able to move on to achieving your weight loss goals, because it's hard to achieve any goal in life if we don't understand why we're doing it. Regardless of why you want to lose weight, as long as you're true to yourself and doing it for you, then you're on the right path! You're the champion of your life, and you're the only one who can truly understand and take care of you, so start there, and you're sure to keep moving forward on the path of success to the new you that's healthier and happier. Go for it and love it, because you deserve it! By: Linda Parker

Monday, June 21, 2010

Start Building a little Muscle to Burn off the FAT

There are many great arm workouts you can do whether you're at the gym or at home. If you're doing this from home you obviously must have some weights, or a workout bench/machine in your home. As long as you have one of those you can easily get a great workout. If you want a good bicep workout all you need is a few dumbbells and something you can rest your arm on. What you want to do is isolate your bicep muscle so it's doing all the work, not your forearm or shoulder. By resting your arm on something, just up to the elbow, will force your bicep to do the work and will relieve pressure off of other arm muscles. For a great forearm workout you again need something to rest your arm on. Let your wrist hang over the edge just a bit and relax the rest of your arm. Gripping the dumbbell in your hand raise your wrist up and down slowly, you will start to feel the burn in your muscles shortly. Turn your arm over and repeat the motions to work the other side of your forearm. To work those pesky triceps, grab your dumbbells and raise your arm up straight over your head. Keep your elbow parallel with your end and bend moving the weights up and down slightly behind your head. If this isn't pulling the right area try moving your arm backward at the shoulder until you feel the triceps engaged. A good way to get your shoulders worked out is to simply hold your weights out as long as you can. Hold your arms straight out to the side and keep them even with your shoulders for as long as you can. Also you can hold your arms straight out in front of you, again even with your shoulders and hold as long as you can. There is certainly more to this for arm workouts, but you need to start somewhere. The problem usually is that most bypass the 'fine print' and go straight to the workout. Just as with all strength training, it is important for you to follow a simple set of tasks during every routine. Such as posture, arm and leg positions, breathing, muscle contraction. When you really think about it, there is certainly much more to proper weight training than simply picking up some dumbbells. By: Maggie Beardsley