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Friday, September 17, 2010

Counting Calories - Best Way to Lose Weight

One of the best and most reliable ways to lose weight is by counting the calories in the foods you consume. A calorie is a unit of energy measuring how much energy the foods we consume provide to our bodies. A certain amount of calories are necessary for the body to function properly. As you eat food, your body turns that food into fuel and burns it, producing calories, or energy.

As we all know, there are three different types of foods, all of which have different caloric amounts: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. One gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories. One gram of protein contains 4 calories. However, one gram of fat has 9 calories, more than twice the amount found in protein or carbohydrates. This may be part of the reason fatty foods seem to fill us up so quickly. Unfortunately, it's also the reason fatty foods make us gain weight faster.

The full name for calories are "kilocalories." When calorie calculations are made, it is assumed that everyone knows that calories = kilocalories. For example, if something on a menu is listed as having 500 calories, it really has 500 kilocalories. A calorie is the amount of energy it takes to increase the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. It takes 3500 calories to equal one pound of body weight.

All of these numbers and calculations may be making your head spin. Just remember, all you really need to know is in the last sentence of the last paragraph. If you want to lose one pound of stored body fat, you must burn off 3500 calories. When you're relaxing, doing absolutely nothing at all, scientists say that most people burn just 50 calories an hour. So it naturally follows, then, that to make a real dent into your body fat, you must combine counting your daily calorie intake with exercise.

Some people eat different types of foods on a diet, thinking that will help them to lose weight faster. Low carbohydrate diets are popular, as taking in less carbs will cause the body to burn more protein by converting protein to carbohydrates in the liver. This can also cause more fluid to be lost from the body, however, faking dieters into thinking they're losing massive amounts of weight when, in actuality, they are just losing fluid and not making a noticeable, permanent reduction of all of their stored body fat. This is why diets that restrict only certain types of foods usually don't work.

Experts say that the only way to lose weight is to increase one's basal metabolic rate, usually through aerobic exercise. When a body is at rest, the body's oxygen supply is sufficient to burn up to 90% of its energy as fat.Therefore, if you increase your resting metabolic rate, you will actually burn more calories at rest than the person next to you. This will help you to dramatically increase your fat loss and you should see the numbers on the scale decrease as well.

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Article by: John Cleric

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looking at Using Body Building for Weight Loss

Using body building for weight loss can have a great results, but be prepared to work hard! Body building can have weight loss results, and can be a healthy way to get in shape. There are useful properties that can be used for weight loss from both the diets and the exercises involved in body building. Muscle gain involves a lot of time and dedication though, so make sure you have the time and will power to stick with it!

Body workout for muscle gain involves following a strict eating regimen. Most body builders stick to a strict diet of foods that are high in lean protein. They often take several types of dietary supplements to help their body keep up with strict exercise regimens. Since this diet is usually free of sugars and starchy foods, this can be a good diet for weight loss as well. Most body builders look to food items like fish, chicken and turkey to get their lean protein. They normally avoid baked goods and fruits that are high in natural sugar. Sometimes, body building diets can be low in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, so you want to make sure and add some of these into your meals, or take some supplements. Using diets from muscle gain for weight loss can be a great way to achieve your goals.

You can also look to using the body weight exercises from body building for weight loss. The exercises designed for body building involves heavy weights, with low amounts of repetition. Most body builders will work out five or more times a week to keep their physiques up. If you are only looking to lose weight quick you might could cut your workouts down to four times a week. You will definitely build muscle mass, so don't expect your number on the scale to go down. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the number on the scale may actually go up a little. This is why it is actually important to gauge your weight loss by measuring your waist, to get a true measurement. If you want to avoid bulking altogether, you can keep the exercises, but lessen the weight but up the number of repetitions. Exercises from muscle gain for weight loss can help you, but you may have to modify them a bit to get the results you are looking for.

So, as you can see using tricks from body building for weight loss can be very helpful. The diet and exercise plans that body builders follow can be very beneficial to those looking to lose weight. These plans may be too extreme for some people though. If you feel like these weight training program might be too extreme for you, or might cause you to get too bulky, you can modify them to achieve the results you are looking to get. Since many body builders are in great shape, it is no wonder that using ideas from best exercise plans for weight loss purpose works so well.

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Article By: Armando Johnhill

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Do I Over Eat? The Scoop on Emotional-Compensatory Eating

Every human being has basic emotional and intellectual needs. You are no exception. There are four needs that your mind strives to fulfill on a very consistent basis: certainty/security, significance, variety, and love/connection. Your mind views these needs as necessities; they are not optional. When a need goes unmet, an over eater's mind uses food to compensate for that need.

The Need for Certainty/Security
Everyone needs to feel in control of their lives; facing the unknown can be very unsettling for many people. When a person loses the feeling of being in control, the mind will strive to regain control by employing whatever habits and behaviors it has been programmed with.

For stress eaters, this is a weakness. Stress often happens when the feeling of control has been lost. Stress eaters seek control through consuming food because, although they cannot control their outer circumstances causing stress, they are able to control what they eat.

Pay close attention to those stressful times and notice if your immediate reaction is to run to the fridge. You could be compensating a feeling of losing control with the consumption of food.

The Need for Significance
Another basic human need is the need to feel important. No one wants to live a life where their presence hasn't made the least bit of impact in the lives of others. We want people to remember us when we are gone, or it will be as if we never existed at all.

But there does need to be balance. Ever hear of the saying "It is lonely at the top"? Being significant requires a certain amount of responsibility; maybe too much for one person to handle.

Maybe food is giving you that "special feeling" that significance emits. Maybe you feel you are too significant and you are feeding your face as some sort of distraction from the responsibility that comes along with being significant. Next time you are feeling like you are being pulled in many different directions, pay attention to your response.

The Need for Variety
Sometimes life can become so certain that it becomes boring! Everyone has the need for variety in their lives. For some people, variety comes in the form of food. For good reason! With so many different kinds of foods out there, the choices seem endless! Plus, food is relatively cheap compared to other forms of "entertainment". So instead of going out to a movie with your spouse or friends and blowing well over $20 on a movie ticket, some popcorn, and a drink; you head to your favorite restaurant or right to your refrigerator, and ease your boredom with your favorite junk food.

Does this sound like you? Pay attention to your actions when you find yourself getting bored. Is your first reaction to head for the pantry or the fridge? Chances are there are many other things you could think of to ease your boredom (like dishes, laundry, a project, etc.); but nothing says "fun" like a brownie fudge sundae!

The Need for Love/Connection
Ah yes...the need for love and connection. This is by far the deepest need. Everyone wants to be and feel loved; everyone wants to feel connected. The most damaging emotions someone can experience are rejection and loneliness; and when rejection and loneliness are experienced, our minds work overtime to compensate. For some people, compensation comes in the form of "comfort food".

Food may be the one variable a rejected person feels they can rely on-it will never say "no" or "not now" or "maybe later". Food is always there to serve its purpose; and if its purpose for you is to comfort you, your mind knows that it will always be there. So your mind quickly employs the habit of seeking comfort from food; and you end up easing your feelings of rejection and/or loneliness with a box of dough nuts or a pint of ice cream.

Examine Your Needs
Take a quick inventory of your needs and identify the ones that are falling short of being fulfilled. This is a major key to obtaining your freedom. Unless you know the problem, you will not be able to find the solution. 

Article by: Michelle Casey