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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gastric Band Surgery Verses Gastric Band Hypnosis

So you're thinking of really getting serious about your weight problem. You feel really out of shape and you want to start slimming down. You are so serious, in fact, that you are now even considering a surgical procedure to assist you in taking the weight off. Now that we know that you are serious, let's go over your options.

Weight loss is a matter of taking in less calories than you consume. If you eat 3500 calories in a week than you normally would, that would translate into you losing 1 pound of weight. That means that you will want to eliminate 500 calories a day to make that happen. Over the course of a year you will have lost 50 pounds. Increase the amount of calories you eliminate from your daily or weekly diet and you will increase the number of pounds you lose over time. Those are the basics of weight loss, and those basics do not change even when you choose surgery to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Your surgery options include several different procedures and the one that this article is focusing on is the gastric band surgery. With gastric band surgery you will be wheeled into the operating room where you will be sedated and a team of surgeons will perform a laparoscopic surgery. This requires that a number of small incisions will be made in your chest and stomach area. Into these incisions the doctors will insert very small cameras and surgical instruments. While watching their progress on a TV screen the surgeons will be able to cut away sections of fat and push aside the organs surrounding your stomach. This is so they can create a tunnel underneath your stomach sack.

Once that tunnel is made the surgeon will then install a band around the top of your stomach. This band is similar to a twist closure for your trash bag. The purpose of this closure is to isolate the top part of your stomach and use that to create a smaller reservoir to capture the food that you eat. It will then enter the rest of your stomach slowly as it is broken down and able to flow through that now very small opening created by the gastric band.

After your gastric band is installed you will still need to eat smaller amounts of food in order for you to lose weight. Remember that the formula for losing a pound a week is to eat 500 less calories a day. That has not changed. What has changed is that your stomach is now unable to handle very much food at one time. Your stomach has physically changed to be the size of a golf ball. Eating more than 4 or 5 mouthfuls of food will now put a major stress on your digestive system and you will have a really bad physical response to eating too much food. This is called dumping by the doctors.

Gastric bandhypnosis is a way of using your imagination in a very profound way. When you use the gastric band hypnosis method, you will have a mental gastric band installed and you will be guided to follow the smaller portions program that the surgical patients would follow. Some virtual gastric band participants find that after the virtual gastric band is installed they feel a tightness in their stomach. They find the same type of feelings as if they actually had the real surgical operation performed. When that happens for you, you will then be influenced to follow an eating program that consists of less food, and you will lose weight.

And I invite you to join one of my free gastric band hypnosis groups for weight loss. These groups are actively testing to see how effective this process can be. It has been getting between 90-95% success rate with attendees losing weight. There are also reduced price individual sessions available for the virtual gastric band in New York, and you can take advantage of these free and low cost offers for the remainder of 2010.

You can find more info at VirtualGastricBandNewYork.com and see how the initial volunteers have done with the virtual gastric band.

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Article by: Marc Carlin