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Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting A Diet Program

This Could Make Or Break Your Goals!

Are you trying to find an effective diet program to help you lose weight, burn fat, and improve your overall health. Here are 4 questions you must ask before you start a program to ensure you are going on a program that will be effective, simple, and where you will also gain PERMANENT results.

1. Does the diet have a track record of positive testimonials? It's important that with whatever diet you are interested in that you check and see if it has many positive testimonials. The reason why is not as obvious as it seems. The reason you should check to see if it has MANY testimonials is because every ones body is different. If this diet you are interested in is going to be the best type to go on, it's going to be effective for ANYONE. If you see a positive pattern of different people using the program with success, then chances are, you have a winner.

2. Is it based on proper nutrition? If the diet is not based around getting proper nutrition (eating more frequently, eating all types of nutrients, not starving yourself), then I recommend you avoid doing it. It's important that the program you are interested in is based around giving your body proper nutrition... since this is the cornerstone of any successful weight loss program.

3. Will I be able to stick with this program regardless of my current lifestyle? If you are in a very physically demanding job for example, how in the world can you go on a diet that either is based around lowering your calorie intake, decreasing your carb intake significantly, or starving yourself and drinking nothing but lemonade all day long?! Besides that, any type of diet that seems as if it is going to be very difficult to stick to is typically a diet that is unnatural and ineffective.

4. Will this program help me lose weight... and keep it off for good? Fad dieting will not provide you with permanent weight loss... period. Natural dieting (eating ALL types of nutrients, naturally increasing your metabolism, etc.) is what will give you lightning fast results... permanently.

Article by: Avy Barnes