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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lose Weight Fast: The 5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Losing weight is becoming an increasingly popular theme on the minds of more and more people in today's society, but finding the correct exercises for the right results seems like a daunting task. The overall goal of any weight loss program is to lose weight but to stay healthy while doing it. There are effective exercises for fat burning, and the whole body can get a workout and it doesn't have to be boring or overwhelming.

1.  One of the best exercises to do to burn fat and lose weight fast is Interval Training; interval training can consist of walking, running, jogging and swimming. This type of exercise is excellent, it keeps the body moving constantly for intervals of 10-20 minutes at a time and the individual is never bored. The intensity level can be beginner or advanced and the impact is still just as impressive.

2.  Aerobics is the next exercise that constantly burns fat and keeps the metabolism active. Aerobics can be very intense and fun at the same time, an aerobics class that involves constant change ups and a mixture of stretching, jumping, dancing and up and down movement is great for shedding the pounds. The aerobics class should be at least 35-45 minutes of an intense workout.

3.  Strength Training is another excellent way to lose weight, it sheds the fat and strengthens the muscles, Lifting weights with small increments helps to build muscle and not bulk and this causes the body to get firm and builds muscle not fat. Dumbbell reps of 15 at a time are good along with similar reps of leg lifts.

4.  Stretching/Pilates; this is an intense way to bring circulation to every area of the body, it increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body and it stretches muscles that are not used every day. This encourages weight loss and it doesn't feel like it does. The stretching techniques are so relaxing and calming that the individual forgets that they are doing something that is great for the body and the circulation. Pilate's classes should be at least 30-45 minutes long.

5.  Squat/Jump/Turn; this exercise is excellent for fat burning and losing weight. Whenever there is a combination of movement, down, jumping and turning all within a few seconds is good for the burning fat and creating an intense workout. The exercises for this can also incorporate leg thrust and climbing movements, of 10-20 reps of each.

Any exercise where the body is constantly moving and movements are alternated for at least 10 -20 minutes each will burn body fat and help the individual to lose weight. Beginners can start out with walking and then build to speed walking etc. Those with back problems can do many of these exercises from a chair. It is all about where you are mentally and physically, but the fat can come off and the weight can be lost.

Article by: Dan Myhill