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Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Fat Burning Secrets to Maximize Fat Loss!

How many different diets or 'special plans' have you tried to get the body you want only to realize most of them are far too complicated or don't even work! Well to make up for that, I'll give you 5 simple fat burning secrets that you can start applying right now to get closer to the body of your dreams! Secret 1: Sure what you eat is important but how many people stop to think about WHEN they should eat? By far one of the most common mistakes that people make is eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, then blaming the food. Most foods have a use as part of your diet as long as they are placed in the correct spot. For example, high carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta, breads etc. (aka dinner foods) are best off in the morning or for lunch. Those foods are made to provide the body with energy to fuel you throughout the day but having them as one of your last meals before heading to bed means that potential energy is not going to be used and will therefore be turned into fat. Secret 2: Similarly, the western 3-meal-a-day plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner), involves starving between meals only to binge out on those 3 meals. Our bodies often cannot process that many nutrients at once and so many of the nutrients that our bodies require for healthy living end up being turned to fat. To counter this is simple, rather than 3 meals a day, start having 5! But that does NOT at all mean eat more. Although you still have the 3 main meals and they are your biggest, you only need to eat until you are no longer hungry NOT until your stomach can't handle any more. The 2 extra meals should go in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. This basically allows you to be eating every 3-4 hours but the snack will ONLY consist of a small handful of nuts and a piece of fruit, or something along those lines. A burger is NOT a snack!...just making sure. Also, do NOT eat after 8pm. In most cases, anything eaten after then will be turned to fat as your body will not use up the nutrients sleeping and so will instead store them as fat. Secret 3: One of the simplest yet most effective fat burning secrets is water! Drinking water can help to increase the speed of your metabolism and by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day, you will be maximizing your body's fat burning cycle. Adults should drink around 3 litres per day or 0.8 gallons, though not more than 1 litre per hour as this can be harmful to your kidneys. Secret 4: As we're wanting to maximize our results in the shortest time possible, we want to follow a working smarter not harder principal. One of the most efficient fat burning forms of training, proven again and again is interval training. Interval training consists of alternating short intervals of high and low intensity training. For example with jogging you would lightly jog for 4-5 minutes as a warm up - warming up before exercise is essential - followed by alternating 1 minute minute of running (the high intensity interval) and 1.5 minutes of light jogging (the low intensity interval). Each should be done 5-6 times totaling 12.5-15 minutes of actual training and allowing a 4-5 minute warm up and 3-4 minute light jog cool down at the end. Also you should stretch your body after as to not be too sore the next day. Perform this 3 times per week and you'll be burning the fat off like butter! Secret 5: The MOST important of the five. If you really want to see results, you MUST be persistent. All of these secrets truly can work for you but ONLY if they are applied regularly. Exercising or eating well once every few weeks will not change your physique in the least, that little bit has to be done every single day. Even if that means waking up that 20minutes earlier or going to sleep 20 minutes later! After all, how will it feel if you don't? If nothing changes and you look back in a few years from now wondering 'what if I had done something about it, where could I be now?' Some great news is that there are in fact ways of helping you to stay committed and stay on track by making things as easy as possible for yourself and following on with the working smart not hard method, for example by not eliminating the foods you love such as chocolate, pizza and burgers and by not having to spend ridiculous amounts of time at the gym or even having to join a gym! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jonathan_Seetman

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lose your excess fat forever

You are not alone in this quest to lose your fat forever. Most of us have been fed a steady diet of lies to keep the health care industry rich. The information that is being handed out about what is good or healthy for us to eat is mostly wrong. Whether it's because THEY don't know or they just want to keep us fat is up to you to decide. I have already made my decision. I have studied natural health for over 20 years and I have found a site that helps to explain in simple terms what we are doing wrong. It is great. Just click on Click Here!