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Friday, September 3, 2010

How Hypnosis For Weight Loss Works

Diet, exercise, and weight loss can be some of the most dreaded works in the English vocabulary, and some of the hardest things for most people to do. Once you are out of shape, getting back into shape becomes a difficult challenge. Hypnosis for weight loss is one tool that people are using more and more to try and get back into a healthy lifestyle. For many people this sounds like a great idea, but they are not even sure how something like this would work. Here is a brief overview on how hypnosis for weight loss works.

Like all hypnosis plans, the goal is to change how the subconscious works. Training your subconscious will make changes to the way you think and the way you act, catapulting you to making positive changes in your life. I think most people are familiar with using hypnosis for quitting bad habits like drinking and smoking. By changing the subconscious, the desire and the need to those things lessen, making you able to control your urges. The same basic principals from those procedures are being used for weight loss hypnosis.

The goal of weight loss hypnosis is to change you over time; this is not an instant solution that is going to shed pounds in the first week. Instead, over time you stop eating fast food and it does not taste nearly as good, you stop ordering pizzas, you stop eating because you are nervous or excited, and you stop eating out of habit. This is a tool to teach you to change to a healthier diet, and to stop eating bad foods by replacing them with good foods.

It is the learning to eat healthy, and the learning to spend 20 minutes of your lunch break walking, that will increase the healthiness of your life. It is not going to lose weight instantly, or change your life right away. There are many different choices on how you can have this hypnosis procedure done, including professional people, CDs, and even self hypnosis. Choosing between these different options is something you are going to have to research to determine what is best for you personally.

But over time, people claim that doing hypnosis for weight loss will make the changes you always wanted, and you will become the person you always wanted. These changes will make you a very happy person, and hopefully a much healthier person.

Article By: Johnny Tepp

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Unusual Inner Thigh Exercises For Women That Burn Fat and Tone the Legs

When looking to tone and tighten the inner thigh area many ladies will opt to use the machines in the gym. Now this is ok but I think you are missing a great opportunity to not only tone your legs but also burn body fat and flatten your stomach.

To do this you need to focus on inner thigh exercises that include movement and resistance. This is because free movement leg exercises involve many more muscles apart from those in your leg. This makes you work much harder creates a stronger tighter body and burns lots more energy in the form of body fat. A great combination in my book!

That said here are 2 fantastic exercises for inner thighs that can be done at the gym or at home that will work wonders not just for your legs but your whole body.

Lateral lunges with touchdowns 10-15 reps each leg
As this can be quite a tricky exercise to perform I would advise starting just your bodyweight then progress to medicine balls or dumbbells. Word of warning these will work your butt hard and have you sweating in no time.

From a standing position take a large step to one side and then bend your knee and try to touch the toe of your outstretched foot. Then return to the start position.Your back and stationary leg should be as straight as possible and your head up throughout the movement. If doing this for the first time there is a good chance you won't be able to get low enough to touch your toes so just go as far as you can. Over time you will be able to get lower as your flexibility and strength improve. Once you can touch your foot with your hand for ten to fifteen reps on each leg try holding a medicine ball or dumbbell for more intensity.

Wide Stance Squats - 10 -15 reps 
In my opinion to make this a more effective inner thigh exercise I would hold a dumbbell, kettlebell or medicine ball.  NB: Never let your knees go past your toes.

To perform this movement correctly stand up straight with your legs wide apart and your toes pointing sideways. Your body weight should be evenly distributed between both feet. Hold the dumbbell or whatever you are using below your waist with arms straight and relaxed. Breathe in then bend your knees and lower the weight if possible so it almost touches the floor. As you do this push the hips backwards and try to keep your back straight and your head up looking forward.

Then breathe out slowly and return to the starting position taking care to maintain the same form throughout the movement.

To ensure you don't incur any injuries please ensure that you have done a thorough warm up before doing these exercises.

For maximum results I like to do these inner thigh exercises as part of total body resistance workout followed high intensity interval training. This will not only ensure your legs look amazing but the rest of your body does too

As this can be quite a tricky exercise to perform I would advise starting just your bodyweight then progress to medicine balls or dumbbells. Word of warning this will give your butt a great workout as well.

I am Howard Standring a Personal Trainer who lives in Southern Spain. I coach and advice men and women of all ages to help them achieve a lean attractive body that lasts for life.

For more workouts, advanced fat loss tips and muscle building advice to look like a Hollywood star or fashion model visit my blog http://www.energiafitness.com/.

Article By: Howard Standring